remember who you are

at your core, you know how absolutely profound you are.

you know that you are here, on earth, having the exact experience you’re having because it is exactly what you wanted. because you knew how important it was that you learned the lessons you came here to learn.

you know that it is your sacred mission to liberate love and consciousness. that it is your birthright to plunge deep into the core of who you are and distill every drop of wisdom.

you affect the whole. you matter. everything matters. every single moment has made you who you are. no matter how dark it seemed then or seems now. no matter how bleak or hopeless or scary.

you see suffering and it is easer to say this all means nothing.

it is courageous to say this is all happening for something greater. to say we have much to learn. to say the human condition is such that it is because humans are largely unconscious of their absolutely vital role in their own condition. to say that we are absolutely responsible.

it is courageous to say that we as higher consciousness and unconditional love know without a doubt that we will rise. to say that we souls came here with divine missions.

to have faith does not mean we leave it up to a god we are disconnected from or that only some can access. to have faith means we take responsibility, knowing we have the potential to be with god always, through our bodies, should we allow ourselves.

faith holds us as we walk past edge after edge toward the ever expanding horizon of our potential.

we are here on earth to experience the liberation of love and consciousness through the infinite sensations we can only feel in a human body.

we have buried our love under fear. traded our consciousness for vanity.

but look now! look at yourself. you’re still here because you chose to be here. you have faith - faith is always with you as long as you choose to be here.

faith is subconscious for most, and it is nevertheless what keeps everyone here on earth. it is a latent program until you trigger it. by some event. some person you meet. some revelation. some spontaneous knowing.

once faith is running the show, you are unstoppable.