I’ve been contemplating writing a series of posts personifying my experience of emotions. Here’s Gratitude. Let me know what you’d like to see next!

Gratitude grew up in a house with her brothers Anger and Frustration and her sister Perfection.

For years and years she had no idea how to be herself. Her siblings each told her their way was the ONLY way to deal with the world.

But Gratitude wanted to BE with the world, so she retreated into her own, unable to bear the shouting matches between her brothers and the constant toiling of her sister.

One October evening, after endless days and lonely nights fighting with herself in dark corners of her room, Gratitude noticed the moon peeking through the blinds she’d never opened.

Suddenly, as though pulled by the gravity of the moon itself, she felt a wave of hot tears rippling up from her heart and down her cheeks. She fell asleep confused and a bit exhausted.

The next morning, Gratitude peered through the blinds again to see the sunrise. She’d never bothered to look at the sky painted fiery red and pink and orange.

Again, the ocean began to pour through her eyes. This time, she liked the feeling. She felt alive. She felt herself.

She realized, she was finally experiencing the world by allowing herself to be with the emotions life drew out of her.